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Waterproof Tile Adhesive
Description Waterproof Tile Adhesive is a two component adhesive in powder form which is reinforced with acrylic water-based emulsion resin and widely used for installation, sealing and waterproofing all kind of floor and wall tiles and ceramics in different places like toilet, bath, kitchen, pools and etc.
Waterproof Tile Adhesive is an ideal substitution of common isolating barrier system include tile adhesive especially for repairing operation.
Uses - Water-resistant ceramic wall, floor tile, mosaic and dark natural stone installation
- Redecoration and sealing of old tilling in baths, toilets and kitchens
- Installation of tile on concrete, cement, gypsum, plaster and other kinds of prefabricated walls.
Advantages - Good adhesion to concrete and any kind of substrates
- Suitable for use in interior and exterior locations
- Excellent water, chemical, abrasion, UV and frost resistance
- Higher mechanical strength
- Good flexibility and workability
Application Clean and wet the surface. Each bag of powder should be added to one gallon of resin and enough amount of water. Mix in a low speed mortar mixer operating for minimum 3 minutes to create pasty mortar and apply to the surface as below:
- One coat of resin apply by brush or spray as a primer
- Spread the adhesive by trowel on the surface with max. 3mm thickness and finally fix the tile on its place
- The suitable temperature for working is 10-30° C
Technical Data
Type: Two components
Color: Gray
Sp.Gr.: ~ 1.4 gr/cm³
Storage Condition Away from frost & UV
Pot Life 20 min. at 20 °C
Compressive Strength: 250 kg/cm²
Shelf Life: 6 months without opening
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