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Seal Coat SC-508
Description Seal Coat 508 is a two component cement based mortar which is reinforced with acrylic water-based emulsion resin and widely used for sealing, repairing and waterproofing concrete structures like pipes, pools, reservoirs and etc.
Uses Seal Coat 508 is multipurpose mortar for:

- Waterproofing concrete structures such as pools and reservoirs
- Surface protective coating
- Concrete repairing which prevent water leakage
- Barrier layer for sealing before tile installation in baths, toilets and kitchens
Advantages - Provides possibility for repairing and waterproofing
- Good adhesion to concrete
- Excellent water and oil resistance
- Good chemical, abrasion and UV
- Higher mechanical strength
- Good flexibility and workability
Application Each bag of powder should be mixed with one gallon of resin. Then add water to create pasty mortar and apply to the surface as below:
- One coat of resin apply by brush or spray as a primer
- Apply the thin coat of mixed mortar by trowel
Technical Data
Type: Two components
Color: Gray
Sp.Gr.: ~ 1.4 gr/cm³
Pot Life 20 min. at 20 °C
Compressive Strength: 250 kg/cm²
Storage Condition : Away from frost & UV
Shelf life : 6 months without opening
Packaging : Resin: 4 lit gallons, Powder: 25 kg bag
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