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Third Generation Super Plasticizer CP-660
Description CP-660 is an advanced water reducing super plasticizer based on polycarboxylate which shows high water reduction and excellent workability. Special application of CP-660 is the excellent water reduction and slump retention performance which is usually used in the production of high fluidity concrete..
CP-660 complies with standard
ASTM C- 494 Type G
Best super plasticizer for hot weather concreting.
Uses - Mass and high temperature concretiong.
- Self compacting concrete.
- Walls, columns, slabs and foundations.
- Bridges and cantilever structures
Advantages CP-650 provides the following properties:
- Reducton of water consumption.
- Increase and improves retention of slump.
- Increases mechanical and textile strengths.
- Improvement of workability and durability.
- Decreases the time of vibration..
Application CP-660 should be added to the mixing
water of concrete. For long distance
transport it is recommended to add
half of the necessary amount at first
and the other half at site.
Technical Data
Type: Liquid
Color: Light Brown
Sp.Gr.: ~ 1.15 gr/cm3
PH : 5 to 6
Chloride Ion Nil
Shelf life : 1 year without freezing
Storage Condition : Free from freezing & direct sunlight
Standard : ASTM C- 494 Type G
Packaging : 20&200kg PE Buckets and drums
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