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Concrete Adhesive CN -1
Description: CN-1 is a multi-purpose adhesive based on PVA resins and is white, non-toxic, non-flammable, liquid of medium viscosity, which dries to a transparent film.
Uses: CN-1 can be used as:
- A multi-purpose adhesives and a Plaster-bonding agent.
- For repairs of concrete and granular floor.
- As bonding agent for ceramic tilling
- For dust-proofing floor screeds and friable concrete flooring.

Advantages: - Used as a bond agent in the most construction materials except PVC, PE and rubber.
- Good positive adhesion and easy to apply.

Surface Preparation: All substrates must be sound and thoroughly cleaned before. Remove all loose particles, laitance, dirt, paint etc. Clean all traces of oil and grease by suitable degreasing agent.
Coverage: Each 4 liters of CN-1 that added to 50kg mixed cement-sand, covers 12 m² of surface.
Application: Mix one part of CN-1 with one part of clean water and stir it well to get a Primer.
Make the ready to use mortar by adding this primer into the dry Cement-sand mixture.
Before cement-sand rendering, spray One coat primer on the surface.
For very thick layers do the rendering in thinner layers.

Note: Stir CN-1 well before usage.
Technical Data:
Type: Synthetic Polymer Emulsion
Color: White
Sp.Gr.: ~1.0 kg/lit
Shelf Life: One year without opening
Storage Condition : Away from frost & UV
Packaging: 4 & 20 & 200 kg drums
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