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Epoxy Adhesive ER-1
Description: A solvent free two component adhesive with high chemical resistance, high mechanical strength and excellent adhesion to all kind of substrates.

Uses: ER-1 is a multipurpose adhesive for:
- Concrete repairing
- Crack and surface sealing
- Grouting of bridge bearing plates, machine bases crane rail tracks
Advantages: - Rapid hardening
- Good adhesion to different surfaces
- High mechanical and thermal strength
- Abrasion and impact resistance
Surface Preparation: The surface must be free from dust and
loosely adhering particle and any
concrete laitance.
Application: The amount of applying should be selected according to the ability of the workers. The pot life is up to 2 hours depending on the amount of material and surrounding temperature.
Mixing Ratio: - Resin: 100 unit (by weight)
- Hardener: 15 unit (by weight)
Hint: To reduce the costs, special filler can be used during mixing of ER-1.

Technical Data:
Type: Synthetic Resin
Color: Yellow
Sp.Gr.: 1.4 kg/lit
Viscosity: 820 cp
Pot Life: 1½ - 3 hours
Shelf Life: 6 months
Storage Condition : Indoor Storing
Packaging: 1 and 30 kg drums
Chemical Resistance:
Acetic acid 20% low
Sulfuric acid 30% high
Sulfuric acid 50% good
Sulfuric acid 70% good
Chloridric acid 37% good
Nitric acid 20% good
Phosphoric acid 20% good
Citric acid 10% high
Lactic acid 10% good
Sodium sulfate 15% high
Calcium hydroxide50% high
Potassiumhydroxide20% high
Sodium hydroxide20% high
Engine oli high
Benzene high
Methanol low
Toluene low
Acetone low
Oxygenated water good
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