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Tile Adhesive(Paste)
Description: Tile adhesive (paste) is a ready-to-use adhesive in paste form, which is widely used for fast, clean and trouble free installation of all kind of tiles and ceramics especially in redecorations.
Tile adhesive (paste) is based on PVA copolymers with different fillers and chemicals to increase its adhesion, flexibility and durability.
Uses: - Redecoration of old tilling
- Tile installation on walls of Bathes, toilets, kitchens, etc.
- Installation of tile on concrete,Gypsum and other kinds of Prefabricated walls.
- Tile installations in sky scrapers,Stores, hospitals, etc.

Advantages: - Fast and clean installation
- Beautiful finishing
- Economical
Coverage: The consumption rate for each S.q.m of tile is 3-4 kg depending on substrate.
Surface Preparation : The surface should be sound, free from oil, grease and completely clean.
To reduce the adhesive consumption the substrate must be as flat as possible.
Application: Spread 3 upto5 mm layer of tile adhesive with trowel on the substrate and notch it with special notched trowel. Place tile over the paste and fix it by movement or pressure. The suitable temperature for working is 10-30° C
Technical Data:
Type: Paste
Color: Light Brown
Bulk Density: 1.5 kg/lit
Shelf Life: 6months without opening
Storage Condition : Away from frost & UV
Packaging: 1, 5 & 12 kg pots
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