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Tile Adhesive(Powder)
Description: Tile adhesive is a ready to use powder requiring just water to fix the tile on its place, This adhesive is based on cement, quarts with some other additives to increase its adhesion and durability.
Uses: Tile adhesives is used for:
- Tile flooring, bath and toilet tiling
- Skyscraper
- Stores
Advantages: - Fast installation
- Beautiful finishing
- Economical
Coverage: Each Sq.m. of tile needs 3-4 kg adhesive depending on surface flatness.
Surface Preparation : The surface must be as flat as possible to reduce adhesive consumption.
It must be clean, free from oil, grease etc.
Application: Clean and wet the surface then spread the adhesive by trowel on the surface with max. 3mm thickness and finally fix the tile on its place.
Technical Data:
Type: Powder
Color: Gray
Bulk Density: 1.3 kg/lit
Shelf Life: 6months without opening
Storage Condition : Dry
Packaging: 25 kg plastic bags
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