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Concrete Adhesive VA-110
Description: VA-110 is a white emulsion based on modified acrylic resin.
As its water absorption is very low, it is widely used in cement based mortar coatings for waterproofing.

Uses: VA-110 improves adhesion of cement mortars for :
- Rendering
- Floor screeds
- Water proof coatings
- Concrete repairing
- Linings
Advantages: VA-110 is simply added to cement mortar improving its quality as below:
- Good adhesion
- Excellent water and oil resistance
- Good chemical and abrasion resistance
- Higher mechanical strength
Coverage: Each 4 liter of VA-110 added to 50kg
cement and sand mixture can cover up
to 20 M².
Application: Add 2-3 part (by volume) water to 1 part by volume VA-110 and use as a mortar.
Technical Data:
Type: Emulsion
Color: White
Sp.Gr.: ~ 1 kg/lit
PH: 7-8
Storage Condition: Away from frost & UV
Shelf Life: 6 months without opening
Packaging: 4 and 20 kg drums
Standard: BS-6920
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