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Hydiophilice Epoxy Adhesive WF-1
Description: WF-1 is a solvent free, two component
Adhesive based on modified epoxy resin.
WF-1 is the only epoxy resin, which can work in wet condition especially in adhesion of new and old concretes.

Uses: WF-1 is used largely as below :
- Concrete repairing on wet condition
- Waterproofing projects
- New cement based flooring on old floors

Advantages: - Rapid hardening
- Suitable for both dry and damp surfaces
- Excellent adhesion on damp surfaces

Surface Preparation: The surface must be free from dust, oil, grease, loosely adhering particles and any concrete laitance.
Mixing Ratio: (by weight )
Resin : 100 units
Hardener: 17 to 20 units
Application: As the pot life is about 30 minutes, make the suitable amount which can be used within the pot life.
Apply the ready mixed WF-1 on the surface and when it begins to gel, place the new flooring on it and level it.
Technical Data:
Type: Modified epoxy resin
Color: Brown
Sp.Gr.: 1.3 kg/lit
Pot Life: About 30 minutes
Final Strength: 7 days
Shelf Life: One year in store
Storage Condition: Away from frost
Packaging: 1, 11& 30 kg drums
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