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Acid Resistant -Mortar ER-2
Description: ER-2 is a three component solvent free and thixotropic adhesive with high chemical resistance characteristic specially against high concentrated acids, bases and solvents.

Uses: ER-2 is recommended for:
- Fixing anti-acid tiles in laboratories
- Anti-acid floorings
- Reservoirs coating
- Electrolyze van coating Anti-acid joint filler

Advantages: - High concentrated acids and bases Resistance
- Solvent & mineral oil resistance
- High mechanical and thermal strengths and abrasion resistance

Surface Preparation: The surface must be free from dust,
Oil and loosely adhering particles.

Mixing Ratio: - Resin: 100 unit (by weight)
- Hardener: 10 unit (by weight)
- Filler: 200 unit (by weight)
Application: As the pot life is about one hour, the amount of each mix must be selected carefully
Technical Data:
Type: Synthetic Resin
Color: Black
Sp.Gr: 1.4 kg/lit
Viscosity: 820 cp
Gel Time: ~ 30 minutes
Final Strength: 7 days
Shelf Life: One year without opening
Storage Condition: Indoor storing
Packaging: 1 and 30 kg drums
Chemical Resistance :
Acetic acid 25% high
Sulfuric acid 80% high
Chloridric acid 37% high
Nitric acid 45% high
Phosphoric acid 60% high
Formic acid 22% high
Sodium sulfate 15% high
Ammonium hydroxide 50% high
Potassium hydroxide 50% high
Sodium hydroxide 50% high
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