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Non Shrinkage Grout Poulad – 2
Description: NSG-2 is a non -shrink grout with little expansion only enough to avoid shrinkage.
NSG-2 is supplied as a ready-to-use dry powder requiring only the addition of water to produce a free flowing mortar with very high compressive strength.
Uses: For free flow grouting of heavy duty support beneath bearing units, machine base plates, crane and transporter rails, standing equipment bedplates, stanchion bases.
Advantages: NSG-2 is a grout with following beneficial properties:
- Easy to mix and apply
- Rapid strength development
- Good flow characteristic
- Controlled expansion
- Non-shrink, non-corrosive, non toxic
Mixing Ratio: Add water 13% to 16% by weight of NSG-2 depending on desired flowing.
Surface Preparation : Concrete surface should be clean, sound and free from oil, grease, cement laitance, and all loosely adhering particles and thoroughly wet. Metal surfaces must be free from scale, ruse, oil and grease.
Application: Pour mortar immediately after mixing.
Ensure that air displaced by the grout is allowed to come out.

Hint: Complete 7 days curing must be done for the grouting to reach its maximum strength.
Technical Data:
Type: Powder
Color: Gray
Bulk Density: 1.5 kg/lit
Pot Life: 30 minutes at 20 °C
Compressive Strength: Min550 kg/cm²
Expansion: 0.1% to 0.5 %
Shelf Life: 6months without opening
Storage Condition: In Dry places
Packaging: 25kg Plastic bags
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