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Epoxy Grout GE-2
Description: GE-2 Is a three component grout based on Epoxy Resin. After curing it will be a 100 % solid system, which is characterized as a shrinkage-free and excellent adhesion to diverse material. Its resilience enables it to withstand impact and vibration under all types of heavy duty machinery.

Uses: - Steel mill equipment such as rolling mills
manipulating tables ,run out tables, coilers
and hoists.
- Industrial equipment such as Compressors,
Pumps, Pulverizes and presses.

Advantages: Impact resistant and resilient.
- Non shrink and fast hardening.
- Chemical resistant
- High yield formulation.

Surface preparation : The surface must be clean, dry and free from any contamination like oil and grease
Mixing Ratio : Resin: 100 parts by weight.
Hardener : 10 parts weight
Filler: 200 parts by weight.

Application: Suitable amount of resin and hardener should be mixed in a mortar mixer operating with 20 RPM or less according to the mixing ratio for 1 or 2 minutes and then added the desired amount of filler. Continue mixing until all filler is coated, then put it immediately into the place and level it.
Hint: Take care to eliminate all air pockets.
The minimum depth of grout placement should be ½ inch and maximum depth of pour should be 3 inch.
For exceptionally deep spots, fill in 3 lifts allowing each lift to cure before placing additional grout.

Technical Data:
Type: 3 component
Sp.Gr: Admixtire 2 kg/Lit
Pot life: 30-60 min depends on temp.
Shelf life : 12 months
Compressive Strange : min 850 kg/cm²
Tensile strength : min 300 kg/cm²
Hardness: 85 kg/cm²
Packaging: Resin: 20 kg, Hardener: 2 kg and Filler: 20 kg plastic bag
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