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Industrial Flooring IF-1
Description: IF-1 is a special hard coating, which can be used on fresh or old concrete floors increasing its durability and abrasion resistance. IF-1 is produced in two grades with different colors as below:
- Aggregates
- Ready –to–use mortar
Uses: - Airline hangers
- Factory floors
- Warehouses
- Shopping centers floors
- Parking garages

Advantages: - A hard and colorful concrete floor in one economical operation
- Use of hard and properly graded aggregates increases the wear resistance over plain concrete floors
- Can be used outdoor as well as indoor
- Giving a non rusting floor

Hint: Before placing IF-1 mortar, remove the excess water by suitable material.

Coverage: Each 25 kg of ready-to-use or 17.5 kg of aggregates IF-1 covers 1 Sq.m with 1 Cm thickness.
Application: 1) Aggregates:
Use the below mix design to make IF-1 mortar
Aggregates: 50 kg
Portland Cement Type II: 20 kg
Super plasticizer SP-1: 0.6 kg
Water: 6-7 kg
2) Ready–to-use mortar :
Ready–to-use mortar: 25 kg
Water: 2.5–3 kg

Surface Preparation: a) Fresh Concrete Surface:
After the concrete in slab mould has stiffened enough to walk on it, place IF-1 mortar up to final floor level.
b) Old Concrete Surface:
- Make the surface level
- Scratch the surface and clean it
- Let the surface be saturated by water up to 24 hours.
Technical Data :
Aggregates Ready–to-use
Type: Aggregates Powder
Color: White Different Colors
Bulk Density: 1.6 gr/cm3 1.5 gr /cm3
Comp. Strength: 600kg/cm2 800 kg/cm2
Store Condition: Unlimited 6 months
Packaging: 50 kg bags 25 kg bags
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