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Repairing Mortar RM-1
Description: RM-1 is a ready to use cement based repairing mortar requiring only the addition of water. For getting stronger bond or mechanical and chemical strengths, addition of VA-110 adhesive to the mixing water is recommended.
Uses: RM-1 is used for repairing of concrete surfaces such as:
- Pre-cast concrete elements
- Fair- faced concrete
- Concrete beams and columns

Advantages: RM-1 is an easy to use and economical powder with minimum wastage.
It possesses high strength due to good
adhesion and shows little tendency to crack.
Coverage: Approx. 2 up to 5 Kg/m² depending on the

Surface Preparation: Concrete surface must be clean, free from laitance, oil and grease and wet.

Mixing Ratio: Add three parts of RM-1 by volume to one part of water and mix into a stiff mortar.

Application: Apply by trowel to the required area, for deep patches, two layers may be required.
Add 3-mm sand to the first thicker layer.
Add max. 2 parts sand to one part RM–1

Technical Data:
Type: Powder
Color: Gray
Bulk Density: 1.4 gr/cm³
Shelf Life: 6 months without opening
Storage Condition: In dry place
Pot Life: 20 min. at 20 °C
Compressive Strength: 250 kg/cm²
Flexural Strength: 60 kg/cm²
Bond Strength: 10 kg/cm²
Packing: 25 kg bags
Standard: ASTM C 157-93
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