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PU Sealant PU-1
Description: PU-1 is a single component sealant based on modified polyurethane, which is produced with various flexibility degrees.
PU-1 is a hot applied sealant, which has a good bonding with different surfaces, anti corrosion and high voltage electricity resistance.
Uses: - Parking and walking places cosmetic joints
- Airport and air land expansion joints
- Gas station, concrete flooring of industrial factory expansion joints.

Advantages: - Fuel, weathering and sea- water Resistance
- Excellent adhesion to most of surfaces
- Fast curing
- Flexibility and clack bridging

Surface Preparation: The surface must be clean, dry and free of any kind of contamination. Loose particles and other residual laitance should be removed.

Application: Heat the required amount of PU-1 up to 140 ºC to get a flowing consistency liquid. Heating operation should be indirect and in two layer bowl. To reach more bonding, the (depth/width) ratio of joints must be more than 1.
Hint: The pot life of ready mastic is approximately 30 minute.

Technical Data:
Physical status: Pasty
Color: Black
Sp.Gr: 1.4 gr/cm³
Standard: ASTM D-1855
Flow: NiL
Penetration: 40 to 50 dmm
Bond: excellent
Solvability: ~ 1.5%
Shelf Life: 2 years without opening
Storage Condition: Away from thermal chocks.
Packaging: Various steel drums
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