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Fuel Resistance Sealant(Hot) FR-1
Description: FR – 1 is a one component sealant with hot application. FR-1 is based on modified coal tar resin.
R-1 is feul resistance and complies with ASTMD-1855.

Uses: - Fuel and gas-oil station
- Airport, Runways
- Workshops
- Fuel and oil storage
- Parkings

Advantages: - Good adhesion without primer
- Remains flexible at low temperatures
- Excellent resistance to grease, oil and fue
- Unaffected by de-icing salts
- Resists to attack from micro
- organisms

Surface Preparation: Joints must be thoroughly dry and clean.
Remove dust, dirt, grease and oil from interface of joint by solvents, vigorous wire brushing and with compressed air line.

Application: Heat indirectly FR-1 up to 160 °C to get a flowing consistency fluid, smooth and well-mixed paste.
It must be immediately used before getting cold
Technical Data:
Type: Solid Block
Color: Black
Density: 1.4 kg/Cm³
Pouring Temperature: 120-140°C
Flow: Nil
Bond: Excellent
Packaging: Small and big drums
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