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Joint Sealant (Hot) HS-1
HS-1 is a one component sealant based on rubber-modified bitumen.
Tough, non-hardening and flexible sealant in vertical and horizontal joints.
HS-1 complies with ASTM-D1190

Uses: - Internal faces joints
- Expansion joints
- Horizontal joints at junction of
base slabs and walls
- Bedding compound for pre-cast
units, pipe construction, etc.
- Joints in retaining walls
Advantages: - Resilient, durable and impermeable to moisture and vapor.
- Excellent bond strength
- Economic in cost and usage
- Resistance to organic acid,Ditatealkalis, salty water, etc.
- Simple application
- Remains flexible at low temperature.

Surface Preparation: Joints must be thoroughly dry and clean.
Remove dust, dirt, laitance, grease, and oil from interface of joint by vigorous wire-brushing and with compressed air line.

Application: Heat HS-1 in a hot oil bath up to160°c
to get a flowing consistency liquid.
Apply by melter-pourer in a metal
lipped bucket.

Technical Data:
Type: Solid block
Color: Black
Density: 1.2 kg/lit
Pouring Temperature: 153°C
Shelf Life: One year
Storage Conditon: Below 30° C
Packaging: 15 Kg cartons

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