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Joint Filler (Cold) JF-100
Description: JF-100 is a single component sealant based on fuel resistance polymers.
JF-100 is a cold applied sealant, which has a good bonding with different surfaces and high chemical resistance.
JF-100 complies with standard
ASTM D-1855
Uses: - As a joint filler between steel sheets and concrete pipes
- Sealing of heavy duty water dampers and industrial sewage
- Oil and solvent flowing pipes
Advantages: - Fuel and chemical solvent resistance
- Excellent adhesion to most of surfaces
- Electrical and thermal resistance
- Fast curing, non-slip and primer-free
Surface Preparation: The surface must be clean, dry and free of any kind of contamination.

Application: Put JF-100 into the joints by trowel, spatula or pump. Filling all joints is important.

Technical Data:
Physical Status: Solid
Color: Gray-Black
Sp.Gr: 1.3 gr/cm³
Standard: ASTM D-1855
Flow: NiL
Mineral Percentage: Max 35% by weight
Complete Drying time: 72 hrs
Thermal Resistance: Non flowing up to 90°c
Shelf Life: 1 years without opening
Storage Condition: Away from UV
Packaging: Depends on Delivery


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