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Joint Filler (Cold )PU-100
Description: PU-100 is a two components sealant, based on polyuretane.
PU-100 is generally used in fuel areas like refineries, petrochemical projects, airports, etc.
PU-100 is cold applied, fuel resistance and high voltage electricity resistance.

PU-100 complies with ASTM D-1850&1854
Uses: PU-100 is used as a joint filler in:
- Cosmetic joints
- Expansion joints in airports, refineries, gas stations
- Concrete expansion joints

Advantages: - Fuel, weathering and sea- water resistance
- Fast curing, non-slip sealant
- Excellent adhesion
- Easy to use

Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be complete sound and thoroughly clean. Remove all loose particles, laitance, dirt, paint, etc. Clean all traces of oil and grease by suitable degreasing agent
Mixing Ratio: Resin: 300 parts by weight
Hardener: 20 parts by weight
Application: According to the mixing ratio choose suitable amount of resin and hardener. Mix them 2 up to 3 minutes then use it into the joints by trowel, spatula or hand.

Technical Data:
Type: Liquid
Color: gray
Sp.gr.: 1.2 gr/cm³
Shelf life: One year without opening
Storage Condition: Indoor Storing
Standard: ASTM D-1850 &1854
Packaging: 30 Kg drums
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