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Cosmetic Joint Filler JF-2
Description: JF–2 is a plasto-elastic single component material based on modified emulsion resin. Produced in different colors to match every substrate, it gives a monotonous look to all facades. It is highly resistant in all weather conditions and keeps its elastic form in hot and cold temprature. Due to its anti fungial charactristics it also prevents the growth of alga and fungus.
JF-2 complies with ASTM – D 1190
Uses: JF – 2 is used as a joint filler in:
- Joints between concrete slabs
- All joints in facades
- Joints between wall and windows and doors

Advantages: - Ready and easy to use
- Weathering and water resistance
- Fast curing
- Good adhesion
Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be completely sound and thoroughly clean. Remove all loose particles, laitance, dirt, paint, etc.Clean all traces of oil and grease by suitable degreasing agent.
Application: JF-2 can easily be put inside the joint by hand and pointer. If in cold weather it became hard,put it in a 30°C - 40°C water bath to get a smooth plastic consistency.
Hint: Never use direct heat.
Technical Data:
Type: Solid
Color: Various colors
Sp.Gr: 1.2 kg/lit
Shelf life: One year without opening
Storage Condition: Away from heat
Heat Standard: ASTM- D 1190
Flow: Nil
Bond: Good
Packaging: 5 & 12kg drums
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