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Joint Filler (Cold ) JF-1
Description: JF–1 is a plasto-elastic single component material based on modified bitumen, which has excellent adhesion to most kind of substrates.
JF-1 complies with ASTM – D 1752
Uses: JF – 1 is used as a joint filler in:
- Concrete reservoirs
- Tunnels and culverts
- Basements and irrigation channels
- Retaining walls

Advantages: - Ready and easy to use
- Weathering and sea- water resistance
- Fast curing, non-slip sealant
- Excellent adhesion

Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be complete sound and thoroughly clean. Remove all loose particles, laitance, dirt, paint, etc. Clean all traces of oil and grease by suitable degreasing agent.

Application: If JF-1 is stiff, use a water bath up to 60 °C to get a smooth plastic consistency.
Apply JF-1 into the joint by trowel,
spatula or hand.
Technical Data:
Type: Solid
Color: Black
Sp.gr.: 1.2 kg/lit
Shelf life: One year without opening
Storage Condition: Below 30 ° C
Standard: ASTM- D 1752
Packaging: 1& 10 kg drums
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