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Concrete Protesive Coating CPC-1
A single component liquid coating based on a blend of Bitumen, Solvents and resins. After curing, it possesses excellent adhesion to both cement and metal surfaces.
Uses: CPC-1 is used to protect concrete and steel structures such as:
- Drink water reservoirs, foodstuff silos,
Water tanks, pipes and concrete
CPC-1 provides following beneficial
- Easy and ready to use
- Phenol-free, suitable for drinking water storage reservoirs
- Resistant to chlorinated water
- Excellent adhesion to all surfaces

Coverage: Cement surfaces: 0.3-0.5 kg/m^2 in 2 coats
Metal surfaces: 0.2-0.4 kg/m^2 in 2-3 coats
Application: Apply a primer and wait until it dries completely. Apply at least two coats by brush roller or spray, allowing 4hours between coats.
To dilute CPC-1 add 5% thinner to make the primer.
Safety Rcommendations: Do not use in exposed situations,
ensure adequate ventilation.
In cold weather, CPC-1 tends to
stiffen slightly, in this case it is
advisable to store in a warm room
before use.
Hint: Avoid direct heating.
Technical Data:
Type: Viscose liquid
Color: Black
Sp.Gr: 0.9 kg/lit
Shelf Life: 1 year without opening
Storage Condition: Below 30 °C
Packaging: 20& 220 Lit drums
Standard: BS-3416 & ASTM C 541
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