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Bituminous Emulsion BE-1
Description: BE-1 is based on bitumen modified with resin and special fillers. BE-1 is in paste form, solvent free and very finely dispersed bitumen emulsion of approx 60% solution.
BE-1 can be used as a waterproofing coating. It dries to a glossy black enamel-like finish and is resistant to weathering and many chemicals.
Uses: BE-1 is recommended for:
- Waterproofing insulation rendering for interior and exterior as well as watertight screeds
- Waterproofing of foundation and basement below ground water level
- Sealing of wall substrate before the facing brick work
Advantages: - Good resistance to all acids and alkalis
- Total compatibility with cement and lime

Coverage: The consumption rate as a protective
coating will depend on the absorbency of the substrate but should never be less than 400-500 gr/m² in two coats.

Application: BE-1 can be applied as below:

-Ordinary application: Dilute BE-1 with 10-20% water and apply it for covering of the surface. For better insulation 2 or 3 coats is recommended.

-Reinforced application: This method is used for insulation of roofs, kitchen, bath and toilet.
First layer is same as ordinary application, but you should put the reinforcement on it and the final coat must be applied by admixture of washed sand, BE-1 and water.

Mixing Ratio: BE-1: Two parts
Sand: Three parts Water: One part
Apply the above rendering on the
clean surface with trowel in layers of
5 to20 mm thickness.
Drying Time: 4-20 hours depending on temperature,
Humidity and wind velocity.
Surface Preparation: The surface must be clean, free from dust and any kind of contamination.
Wash the surface before application.
Technical Data:
Type: Paste
Color: Black
Sp.Gr.: 0.95 kg/lit
Shelf Life: 1 year without opening
Storage Conditon: Away from frost
Packaging: In small and 200 kg drums
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