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Silica Fume
Description: Condensed silica fume is a by-product resulting from the reduction of high purity quartz with coal in electric arc furnace in the manufacture of ferrosilicon alloys and silicon material. Silica fume improves concrete properties such as permeability, mechanical strength, chemical resistance, etc.

Uses: Silica Fume is recommended in large
concreting project as below:
- Jetties, bridges
- Water and oil concrete reservoirs
- Irrigation canals

Advantages: Using silica fume causes following improvements:
- Higher mechanical strength
- Freeze and thaw resistance
- Reducing permeability
- Improving abrasion resistance
- Improving bond strength

Dosage: The usual dosage is 5 to 15 % of cement weight (substituting cement). The exact dosage should be found at site by trial and error
Application: The exact amount of silica fume should be added to the dry mixture. For better mixing, add silica fume to cement during the transportation to the batching by screw.
Hint: Silica Fume must be used together with a superplasticizer like SP-1.
Technical Data:
Type: Powder
Color: Gray
Consumption: 20 m²/gr
Storage Condition: In dry places
Packaging: 40 and 200 kg bags
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