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Silica Fume Gel (Modified ) SF-1
Description: SF-1 is the latest invention in construction chemicals industry. It is mainly based on Silica Fume together with concrete compatible additives.
SF-1 eliminates all difficulties concerning the use of silicafume plus superplacticizer while improves its good effects considerably. By use of SF-1 there is no need to use silica fume and super placticizer and it is possible to get 30% higher qualities.
SF-1 complies with ASTM C1202 & C494 TypeG and is available in three grades:
Nutural, Accelarating & Retarding
Uses: - Hot weather concreating
- Corrosive area concreating
- Slabs, foundation, walls concreating
- All types of high strength concreating
Advantages: - Reduces water consumption up to 30%.
- Increases slump up to 5 times.
- Increases strength up to 30%. comparing with common method
( Silica fume + Super plasticizer ).
- Reduces permeability and increases chemical resistance.
- Reduces storage and transportation costs.
- Easy and trouble free usage.
- Eliminating health hazards to workers and environment.

Dosage: The usual dosage is 7% to 10% of
cement weight. SF-1 is compatible
with all types of Portland cement.

Application: Reduce 10% to 30% of mixing water
according to the required slump and
add SF-1 to the batch during mixing
or to the truck and mix for a few
Technical Data:
Type: Paste
Color: Dark gray
Sp.Gr. : ~1.4 Ton/M³
PH: 8 – 10
Storage Condition: Away from frost
Shelf life: 6 months without opening
Packaging: 12.5, 25, 250 kg drums

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