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Water Repellent Admixture WR-600
Description: WR-600 is a blend of stearate water repellent and other chemicals, which forms a barrier against penetration.
WR-600 is in powder form, chloride free and does not increase air content of concrete.
Uses: WR-600 is added to concrete in:
- Mass concrete foundation
- Walls and floors that must be water Tight
- Cement stucco and mortar for masonry and glass block

Advantages: - Provides greater workability
- Reduces vapor transmission
through walls and slabs
- Reduces moisture absorption to 60%
- Reduces capillary action

Dosage: 1% to 3 % of cement weight

Application: WR-600 should be added to dry mixed cement and sand prior to the addition of water and aggregates.
Technical Data:
Type: Powder
Color: White
Sp.Gr.: 0.9 kg/lit
Shelf Life: 1 year without opening
Storage Condition: Dry & away from UV
Packaging: 25 Kg bags
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