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Expansive Admixture G2
Description: G2 is a cement mortar expansive agent based on aluminum powder together with other additives.
G2 is chloride free and is added to the dry mixed cement mortar to improve its durability, workability and consistency. G2 makes a little expansion, which helps in leveling of base plates.

Uses: For free flowing mortar and heavy duty
cement supports beneath:
- Bearing units
- Machine base plates
- Crane and transport rails
- Buildings base plates

Advantages: G2 is an economic solution for easy-to-use mortar with following properties:
- Easy to mix and apply
- Rapid strength development
- Non shrink, non corrosive and non toxic
- Good flow characteristic

Dosage: Normal dosage is 0.5% to 1.5% of cement weight.
The correct dosage will be found by try
and error at site.
Application: Add the correct amount of G2 to the dry mortar and mix it at least 3 minutes.
Add water slowly to get the desired flow mortar.

Technical Data:
Type: Powder
Color: Light gray
Sp, Gr.: 1.25 kg/ lit
Shelf Life: 1 years without opening
Storage Condition: Dry
Packaging: 200 & 900 gr cans
Standard: BS 8110 part 1
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