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Retarding Plasticizer P-101
P-101 is a water reducing plasticizer,whose specific formula causes reduction in the water/cement ratio or an increase in the workability of concrete for a constant water/cement ratio.
P-101 increases the density of fresh concrete with high early and ultimate compressive strength.
P-101 is chloride free and complies with standard ASTM-C494TypeD .
Uses: P-101 is used to produce a free flowing concrete as below:
- Slabs, foundation, walls, columns and piers.
- Pre-cast concrete elements
- Bridges and cantilever structures

Advantages: P-101 provides the following properties:
- Improves workability
- Decreases the amount of vibration
- Reduces the risk of segregation
- Minimum 8% water reduction
- Increases initial and ultimate strength
- Compatible with all types of cements.

Dosage: The normal dosage is 1 to 2 % of cement weight. For cement type 5 the dosage must not exceed 0.5 % of cement weight.
Application: P-101 should be added to the mixing
water of concrete. For long distance
transport it is recommended to add
half of the necessary amount at first
and the other half at site.

Technical Data:
Type: Liquid
Color: Brown
Sp.Gr.: ~ 1 kg/lit
PH: 8 to 9
Shelf Life: 1 year without opening
Storage Condition: Away from frost and UV
Standard: ASTM C494 Type D
Packaging: 20 and 200 Kg drums
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