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Concrete Retarding Admixture CR-1
Description: CR-1 is a retarding agent in powder form, which affect directly on cement hydration process and delay curing time of concrete.
CR-1 Complies with ASTM C494 TypeB.
Uses: - In mass concreting like dams
- Hot weather concreting
Advantages: - Makes longer work breaks e.g. overnight concreting.
- Prevents gravel, nests and bleeding
- Increases final strength up to 10%
- Gives plastic, homogeneous concrete for long distance transportation
- Expands the evolution of heat for a considerable time and thus lessens the risk of heat accumulation and strain cracks, particularly in mass concrete.

Dosage: Up to 2% of cement weight
Application: CR-1 must be added dry to cement and is used mainly in large-scale concrete operation in which a uniform concrete body has to be achieved without work joints.
Technical Data:
Type: Powder
Color: Cream
Bulk Density: 1.3 kg/lit
Storage Condition: Dry
Shelf Life: 6 months without opening
Packaging: 25 kg plastic bags
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