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Epoxy Flooring EF-100
Description: Epoxy flooring is a two component product based on epoxy resin and polyamine hardener. This product can be applied on various surfaces such as concrete, steel and stone, because of physical and chemical strengths and making a good bonding.
The components of EF-100 makes it concentration decreases, mechanical strength increases and have a self-leveling application system.
Uses: - Lining of old and new concrete structures.
- Flooring of food, pharmaceutical, textile and chemical factories, laboratories and industrial surfaces.

Advantages: - Mechanical strength, flexibility and good bonding.
- Abrasion and corrosion resistance, fire retarding.
- Beautiful, smooth and washable after curing.
- Self levelly installation system without expansion joints.
- Anti dust, clean and color variety.

Mixing Ratio: Resin: 100 Hardener: 12 Filler: 200
Surface Preparation: The surface must be completely clean, dry and free of dust and any kind of contamination and oils, Grinding of substrate to make a nonskid surface will increase the mechanical bonding.

Application: Add right amount of hardener to resin and mix (max 200 rpm) for minimum 2 minutes. Pour the admixture by rake or trowel.
Hint: - Ideal working temperature is between 15 & 35°c
- The pot life of this product is between 30 and 70 min, so take care of mixing amount.

Technical Data:
Physical status: Viscose Liquid
Color: Various
Sp.Gr: 1.4gr/cm³
Compressive strength: 89 Mpa
Tensile strength: 50 Mpa
Flexural: 59 Mpa
Stroke strength: 604 kj/m
Temp. strength: 110 °c
Curing time: 4 hrs
Drying time: 24 hrs
Complete dry time: 7 days
Shelf life: 1 year without opening
Packaging: 20 kg drums and 1 kg can
Chemical Resistance: Untitled Document
Chemical Resistance
Sulfuric acid 60% high
Chloridric acid 37% high
Nitric acid 25% high
Phosphoric acid 30% high
Citric acid 20% high
Acetic acid 10% high
Lactic acid 10% high
Sodium sulfate 20% high
Calcium hydroxide 50% high
Potassium hydroxide 5% high
Engine oil high
Benzene high
Methanol low
Toluene low
Acetone low
Oxygenated cuater low
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