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Curing Compound CA-1
Description: CA-1 is a safe and economic liquid compound, which is used for prevention of premature water loss in concrete. It forms a membrane on the surface of concrete to retain the moisture for effective curing.
CA-1 is chloride free and complies with ASTM C- 309
Uses: CA-1 is particularly useful in large area of exposed concrete such as:
- Irrigating, Channels
- High ways, Runways, Taxi ways
- Pre-stressed beams and piers

Advantages: CA-1 provides the following beneficial
properties to concrete surface:
- Reduces plastic cracking
- Achievement of desired strengths
- Reduces dusting
- Alleviates other costly methods such as Hessian-watering.

Coverage: 150 to 200 gr /m^2 depending on wind, humidity and temperature.
Application: Mix one part of CA-1 with one part of water, spray to the surface of the newly placed concrete immediately after evaporation of water.Take care to ensure.

Hint: - On the vertical surfaces, which may have partially dried out, it is imperative that the concrete be well wetted before applying CA-1.
- The coating must be applied in two layers perpendicular to each other.
- Stir well before use.

Technical Data:
Type: Liquid
Color: Brown
Sp.Gr: 1.4 kg/lit
PH: 8 to 9
Shelf Life: One year without opening
Storage Condition: Away from frost &UV
Standard: ASTM C-309
Packaging : 25 & 300 kg drums
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