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Poly Urethane Flooring PU-500
Description: PU-500 is a two component polymer based on polyurethane with gloss and color variety. Its excellent characteristic in many cases is similar to PVC
PU-500 flooring is completely resistant to high voltage electricity, abrasion and many chemicals.
Uses: - Coating of old and new concrete surface.
- Industrial, commercial and public service flooring.
- Laboratories, automotive, food, medicine and chemical industries flooring
Advantages: PU-500 Provides the following properties:
- Resistance to abrasion, high voltage electricity, chemicals and fire.
- Beautiful, smooth and flat floor without any expansion joints.
- Hygiene and anti-dust in
Surface Preparation: The surface must be clean, dry and free from any contamination like oil and grease.
Mixing Ratio: Resin: 3 parts by volume
Hardener: 1 part by volume
Application: Use air less spray or brush to coat the
floor with PU-500.
As the pot life is too short (about 30
min.), only suitable amount that can
be used within this time should be
PU-500 can be diluted by MEK,
thinner 404 or 10000 depending on
Maximum addition of thinner is 15%

Hint: - Recoating interval is:
Min: 16 hours (at 20°C)
Max: 3 days (at 20°C)
- Do not apply under sunshine
- In confined spaces provide
adequate ventilation during application and drying time.
Technical Data:
Type: Viscose Liquid
Color: Green
Sp, Gr.: 1.3 kg/ lit
Solid Content: 55%
Flash Pint: 45°C
Dry To Touch: 8 hours
Fully Cured: 7 days
Shelf Life: 2 years without opening
Storage Condition: Below 30°C
Packaging: l0 kg drums
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