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Description: Penetron is the latest product for concrete reservoirs sealing which is produced under license of an American company (ICS- PENETRON).
Penetron is a powder type product, which mix with water and makes a viscose liquid for waterproofing concrete reservoirs, sumps, cooling towers and etc.

Uses: - Waterproofing concrete reservoirs, sumps, cooling towers, concrete water and swage pipes.
- Coating of concrete structures to protect from corrosion.

Advantages: - Capable for providing the waterproofing qualities of concrete structures in case of crystalization process and penetration in cementitious capillary.
- Resistance in PH range of steel and corrosion protective.
- Minimum Armature corrosion and water penetration because of recrystalization process.

Mixing Ratio: Penetron should be mixed by water according to following mixing ratio :
Penetron : 5 Water : 2
Surface Preparation: Before apply penetron, the surface must be completely clean and free of dust and any kind of contaminations and oils. Then the surface should be washed by water jet until the saturation of cementitios structure depth
Application: For correct mixing, usage of trailer mixing machine is recommended. Penetron can be applied by brush or 400 micron noggle spray.
The consumption rate is 800 to 1200 gr/m² that depends on substrate.

Technical Data:
Physical status: Powder
Color: Gray
Sp.Gr.: 1.5 gr/cm³
Bonding strength: 250 psi
PH: 3-11
Shelf Life: 6 months in dry condition
Packaging: 20 kg PE bags

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