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Surface Protective Coating SC-1
Description: SC-1 is a white emulsion based on acrylic resin modified with styrene and met acrylic.
SC-1 protects cement, tile and brick surfaces from rain, air pollution and chemical attacks.
SC-1 forms a permanent film on the surface which makes it fully waterproof.
The coated surfaces with SC-1 can easily be washed and cleaned with water.

Uses: SC-1 is used as a protective coating for:
- Brick surface
- Colored and uncolored cement surface
- Gypsum panels
- Masonry
Advantages: Using SC-1 provides the following
- Protection of surfaces against rain, cold and hot weather
- Durability of color
- Keeps the beauty of the surface constant
- Easier washing and cleaning of the surfaces

Coverage: One liter of SC-1 can cover up to 10m²

Surface Preparation : The surface must be completely clean,
Dry and free from oil, dust, and any kind of contamination.

Application: SC-1 should be applied by brush or
Spray just like painting.
It is better to be done in two layers
And the minimum temperature is 10ºC

Technical Data:
Type: Liquid
Color: White
Sp.Gr: ~1 kg/lit
Shelf Life: 1 years without opening
Storage Condition: Away from frost
Packaging : 20 kg drums
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