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Fuel Resistant Coating FRC-101
Description: FRC-101 is a coating based on synthetic resin and coal-tar to protect concrete or steel structures against corrosion which use in oil industry, seaside facilities and specially asphalt protection against oils and solvents.

Uses: FRC-101 uses as a protective coating for:
- Concrete or steel pipes of sewage treatment.
- Asphalt coating in airports, oil surfaces, refineries and petrochemical plants.
- Seaside facilities
- Concrete or steel surfaces in atomic power plants.

Advantages: Using FRC-101 provides the following properties:
- Protection of steel and concrete pipes against corrosion.
- Increase the lifetime of concrete and steel structures in offshore oil and gas facilities.
- Asphalt protection against oil solvents.

Surface Preparation: The surface must be completely clean, dry and free of oil, dust and contamination.

Application: Installation of FRC-101 should be done in two layers. The curing time of each layer is about 12 to 16 hours. The consumption rate is between 2 and 4 kg per square meter.
Technical Data:
Physical Data: Liquid
Color: Black & Brown
Sp.Gr.: ~1.2 gr/cm³
Burning Temperature: 38ºC
Drying time: 48 hrs
Shelf life: one year without opening
Packaging: 15 kg steel Buckets
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