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Extra Quick Setting Compound QS-1
Description: QS-1 is a liquid form admixture that sets the cement in 30 to 45 seconds at 20 ˚C.
QS-1 is very sensitive to temperature changes.

Uses: - Sealing severe water infiltration in concrete, rock and masonry.
- Repair works as a quick setting mortar

Advantages: - Moves sever water leakage out of working zone
- Dries the surface for new coverings
- Controls under ground water level
Mixing Ratio: Mix one volume of QS-1 with two volumes of fresh cement and use it immediately.
Surface Preparation: The surface must be clean, free from oil, grease, laitance, and any loose particles.

Application: As the setting time is too short, make small amount each time as bellow:
Place QS-1 in a rubber bowl, add fresh cement, form the paste by hand and place it immediately in the hole and press it firmly until it gets hard.
Safety Recommendation: - Wear rubber gloves and goggle at all times.
- Apply barrier cream to arms.
- If splashing to the eyes occurs, rinse immediately and thoroughly with clean water or boric acid solution.

Technical Data:
Type: Liquid
Color: Red
Sp.Gr: 1.25 kg/lit
Shelf Life: 2 years without opening
Storage Condition: Away from frost
Packaging : 25 & 300 kg drums
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