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Non Explosive Cracking Agent(Betinamit)
Description: Betonamit is a non-explosive cracking agent for noiseless and vibration less demolition without fly rock. Betonamit creates a huge expansion pressure (8000 Tons/m²) which can crack the stone, however for cracking most of the materials an expansion pressure of 3000 Tons/m^2 is perfectly sufficient.

Betonamit is produced in powder form in two grades:
- Betonamit R for hot weather climate
-Betonamit S for cool weather climate

Uses: Betonamit is used to demolish:
- Very large rocks
- Concrete segments
- Reinforced concrete segments
Advantages: Betonamit can be used inside buildings
outdoors, under water and every where
that large demolition machinery or
explosive materials can’t be used.

Instruction for use: Surface preparation:

-It is necessary to drill holes in the stone as shown in the table :

Kind of Stone Tobe blasted Hole Spacing (cm)
40 mmdia 50 mmdia 60 mmdia.
Concrete 40 70 100
Concrete with reinforcement 30 50 60
Soft Rock 40 80 120
Hard Rock 30 40 60

Kind of Stone



On Kg/m³




3.5 – 5.5

Medium Hard

4.5 – 8.5


7.5 – 11


Without Reinf


The consumption of Betonamit may increase depending on the amount of reinforcement

With reinf.

21 - 35





5.5 - 11


8.5 – 15.7


10 - 21

Hint: - Never drill the holes right
- The depth of the holes must be 80 % of the stone’s height
- The drill holes must be dry and clean before using Betonamit

Dosage: The consumption of Betonamit depends upon the diameter of the drill hole.
The following table shows the quantity of
Betonamit required for the three most
frequently employed drill hole diameters, with a hole depth of 1 meter.

Application: Use 300-350 ml of clean cold water for each 1kg Betonamit in a drum and mix them vigorously with the stirrer for approx. one minute, until a diluteliquid without any lump is obtained. Pour the mixture into the drill holes immediately. Within 10-20 hours Betonamit achieves a cracking pressure of over 4000 Tons/m² and demolishes the stone.

Technical Data:
Type: Powder


Bulk Density: 1.4 kg/lit
Shelf Life:

6 months without opening

Storage Condition: in dry condition
Packaging :

30 kg Plastic bags

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