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Concrete Surface Hardner CSH-1
Description: CSH-1 is a solvent free; silicon fluoride based compound for surface treatment, which hardens, seals and dust proofs the concrete.
CSH-1 increases abrasion resistance and thus the durability of concrete surfaces considerably.
CSH-1 can be used on all new concrete surfaces whether fresh or already cured. It can also be used on older, dusting concrete surfaces.
Uses: - Interior or exterior horizontal concrete surfaces
- Educational, medical facilities,offices and residential buildings warehouses, food storage areas floors .

Advantages: - Seals, hardens and dustproof in one operation
- Mortar and concrete can be easily removed from CSH-1 treated floor
- Resists from penetration of oil and chemicals and deteriorating actions of salts
- Equipment can be washed
- Ability to tiling over

Coverage: 1 litter of CSH-1 will cover 5 to 15 m² of concrete surface depending on the porosity of the concrete and surface requirement.
Surface Preparation : The concrete surface must be dry,
cleaned with vacuum cleaner and free
from any contamination and other
coatings like paint, etc.

Application: Apply CSH-1 to concrete surface in a continuous film by brush or soft bristle or plastic brooms.
Hint: - Each coat must be completely
dry before applying the next coat
- Allow the coat to dry in 4-6 hours
before use

Technical Data:
Type: Liquid
Color: White
Sp, Gr.: 1.2 kg/ lit
PH : ~ 9
Shelf Life: 1 years without opening
Storage Condition: Away from frost & UV
Packaging: 20 & 200 kg drums
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