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Concrete Paint CC-1
Description: Usage of different paints for internal or external application in buildings and civil structures except beauty is an advantage to protect these surfaces against dust, humidity and contamination.
CC-1 paint is based on acrylic resins and can be used on concrete structures, internal and external building surfaces.

Uses: - Covering of concrete, steel and wood surfaces.
- Engine and piping rooms, wet under grounds
- Gypsum panels and masonry
- Painting of walls and general working places
Advantages: - Suitable for internal and external surfaces and substrates.
- Washable after curing and water-resistant.
- Flexibility and strike resistance, shrinkage free.

Surface Preparation: The surface must be completely stiff, clean, dry free of dust.
If necessary it can be washed with suitable solvents.
Application: The solvent of this paint is water. So mix it with water to reach the right viscosity to apply.
CC-1 should be applied by brush or spray in two layers. The minimum curing time is 2 hours. Also the working temperature will be between 5°c to 30°c
Consumption amount depends on substrate, but the average amount for two layers is 200-400 gr/cm²
Technical Data:
Physical Data: gelly
Color: white
Sp.Gr.: 1.5 gr/cm³
Chloride Ion: Nil
Shelf Life: 6 months without opening
Storage Condition: Free from frost
Packaging: 5 and 12 kg drums
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