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Epoxy Paint EC-1
Description: EC-1 is a two component product based on epoxy resin and polyamide hardener.
Because of low viscosity of this product, it can be used in primer based systems with intermediate layer, such as primer free systems.
EC-1 paint can be the best substitute of protective coatings for places, which have corrosion and abrasion.

Uses: - Covering of concrete, steel, wood surfaces.
- Surfaces that have intermediate chemical attacks.
- Foundation, engine and piping rooms, wet underground.
- Any place when high resistance and durability is required.

Advantages: - Suitable for different substrates
- Resistant against abrasion, scratching, humidity and intermediate chemicals.
- Washable after curing.
- Flexibility and strike resistance.
- Beautiful, smooth and shrinkage free.

Surface Preparation: Surface Preparation:
The surface must be completely clean, dry and free of dust and any kind of contamination.
Sandblasting before application of EC-1 is recommended.

Mixing Ratio: Resin: 110 Hardener: 10
Application: Mix two components of EC-1 according to recommended mixing ratio for at least one minute. It can be applied with spray or brush.
The consumption amount depends on substrate, but the average amount is 80 gr/m²
Hint: - Ideal working temperature is between 15 and 35°c
- The pot life is about one hour so take care of mixing amount.
- Re-coating interval is Min 6 hours.
- After finishing the application, wash tools with suitable solvent.

Technical Data:
Physical status: Liquid
Color: Various colors
Sp.Gr.: 1.22 gr/cm²
Each coat thickness: 70 micron
Consumption Rate: 80 gr/m²
Application humidity: Max 40%
Pot life: 1 hr
Curing time: 3 hr
Drying time: 12 hr
Complete Dry time: 7 days
Shelf life: 1 year without opening
Packaging: Resin: 3 kg can, Hardener: 300 gr can
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