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Anti Dust Coating ADC-45
Description: ADC-45 is a kind of paint based on thermoplast acrylic resin and aromatic solvent to use as a coating of concrete, gypsum and ceramic surfaces. ADC-45 is abrasion, humidity and UV resistant and has a good durability.
ADC-45 is an anti dust system to use in warehouse flooring and walking places.
Uses: - Warehouse, manufacturing saloon and traffic load flooring systems.
- Wall, floor and roof coating of sumps and building surfaces.

Advantages: - short curing time
- Thin layer with good durability
- Abrasion and UV resistance
- Auto Cleaning system
Surface Preparation: The surface must be completely dry, clean and free of dust and any kind of contamination. For nice view, grinding and plastering is recommended.

Application: ADC-45 can be applied by brush or spray in two layers. Each layer has approximately 50-to100 micron. The minimum consumption rate is 200 gr/m²
Technical Data:
Physical status: Liquid
Color: Various colors
Sp.Gr.: 1.4 gr/cm³
Pot life: 10 Min
Drying time: 1 hr
Bonding strength: 14 Mpa
Hardness: 75 shore D
Shelf Life: 3 years without opening
Storage condition: Temperature 5°c to 30°c
Packaging: 10, 30, 60 and 200 kg
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