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Construction Chemicals Co.  
Construction Chemicals Co.
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CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS is a private joint stock company and since establishing in 1990 is producing different kind of concrete admixtures, construction adhesives and sealant.

Our factory which is located in Eshtehard industrial zone some 120km west of Tehran, is built in a10000m² site with main production hall, storage, laboratory, offices, repairing room, restaurant, worker’s dormitory and a large free area for expansion.

Personnel :

Management and Administration :    35
Technical staff :                                 25
Workforce:                                        70

Products :

-Concrete Admixtures
-Ready Mortars & Grouts
-Coatings & Miscelleneous
-Synthetic Resins & Construction Adhesives
-Joint Sealant & Waterproof Coatings

Nominal Capacity:                         20000 tons/year
Real Capacity:                               50000 tons/year
Total Production:                           10000 tons/year

Equipment :

Powder Line : Consisting of two rotary 2-tons mixers, Weight Scaling system, Screen and Packing system together with complete Screw system for dust free conveying of material and products and two 40 and 60 tons cement Silo.

Liquid Line : : Consisting of a reactor, a mixer, pumps and ten 5000 To 10000 liter storage tanks for liquid products.

Paste Line : Consisting of a 50 HP high speed heavy duty mixer and its auxiliary equipment.

Industrial Adhesive Line : Consisting of 2 vertical and horizontal heavy duty mixers and its auxiliary equipment.

Other equipment : Different mixers, screws, etc . for producing special products.

Inspection and Quality Control Laboratory :

Consisting of :

- Compressive testing machine.
- Laboratory mixers and screening instruments
- Slump test instrument
- Vicat needle test instrument
- Moulds for concrete sampling
- Other routine laboratory instruments
- Vicometer , Oven, PH-meter, etc.

Turn Over : Over $10 million US annualy.

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