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Construction Chemicals Co.  
Construction Chemicals Co.
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CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS is a private joint stock company and since establishing in 1990 is producing different kind of concrete admixtures, construction adhesives and sealant.

Our factory which is located in Eshtehard industrial zone some 120km west of Tehran, is built in a10000m² site with 1000 m² main production hall, 1000 m² storage, laboratory, offices, repairing room, restaurant, worker’s dormitory and a large free area for expansion.

Sillica Fume Gel

About Product
SF-1 Is the latest invention in construction chemicals industry. It is mainly based on Silica Fume modified with concrete compatible additives. SF-1 Eliminates all difficulties concerning the use of silica fume + superplacticizer while improves its good effects considerably. With the use of SF-1 there is no need to use silica fume and super plasticizer and It is possible to get 30% higher qualities. SF-1 is available in 3 grades: Nutral, Retarding and Accelerating

Product Specification

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